PSKOOK Spool Tool 

Paracord Organizer · New Design


Multifunctional Spool tool has a storage Tidy Holder, 6 Multisize Slots, a 5.5" Ruler, a Carabiner, a Tape sample. 


A Special Tidy Holder (2.5"*0.8") - Store some emergency survival tools by Duct Tape, such as Match, Flint, Whistle, Fishing Kits or Pill Bottle. 


A Replaceable Blade for rope Cutting, 6 Multisize Slots are an appropriate size for Paracord Organizing, more convenient to fasten the cord ends


Super Quality by Tough Nylon Material, you can DIY a Slingshot as our picture, Size: 6"*3"*0.25" - Holds up to 100 feet 550 paracord. No Messy Lines anymore


Reinforced nylon spool tool

- PSKOOK's Spool Tool has a holder for store things, a razor blade to cut the paracord, a carabiner slot, 6 multi-sized fusing notches to finish the ends of the heated paracord.

- Suitable for Ropes/Cords, Cables, Wires and Lines, Twinkle lights, Crafting ribbion, Twine and more.