✌Comfortable Size: Suitable for 4 fingers to grip. 

Size: 4.4x9x0.5cm/1.7x3.5x0.2 in
Weight: 80g Approx


A fundamental tool in every outdoor enthusiast's fire lighting kit, they are reliable, long-lasting and waterproof

Size: 95mm x 52mm Approx
Hand Hole Size: 80mm x 22mm Approx
Weight: 60g Approx


☑High Carbon Steel Striker: Our striker has been designed to produce lots of sparks with minimal striking, making this a dependable tool when outdoors
☑Our fire steel produces sparks reaching high temperatures to ignite tinder. It also has up to 15,000 strikes. Imagine how many matches you would need to light 15,000 fires

Size: 4x8.2x0.5 cm/1.6x3.2x0.2 in
Weight: 65g Approx

Type4-Pendant Striker

Can be worn around the neck as a dog tag, attached to Ferro rods or stored in a survival/firelighting kit


Lanyard Hole: 4mm Approx
Size: 50mm x 30mm x 3mm Approx
Weight: 35g Approx