Fire Starter

PSKOOK Metal Fire Piston 

Educational Campers/Survival/Preppers Scientific Lesson

A true ancient technology tool

The fire piston uses the principle of the heating of the air by rapid and adiabatic compression to ignite a piece of tinder, which is then used to set light to kindling.

So that we should have the following conditions to a successful experience of a fire piston:
A well-sealed fire piston, a perfect temperature to the ignition point, a good condition and right amount char cloth.

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    For Education

    ✔️ An amazing survival fire starting kit that causes instantaneous combustions using air energy change of physics experiments to high-school kids

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    Need practice

    ✔️Compression Ignition is not so easy for all market fire piston, but ours is at the top level of possibility, we use 2 Dual Orings on the plunger for Added Compression

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    Make Char cloth

    ✔️It will be a back up kit, it should be work with Char Cloth and you can show it to others to tell the fire principle and skills understand the theory.

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    For camping/Survival/...

    ✔️A classical, fine and durable survival fire starter, it can be a good camping fire starter kit too.


Package Contents

YOU will Receive Fire Piston, Cotton Cloth, (12) Orings, Lube, Paracord, A tin box, Instructions about How to use the Fire Piston & Make Char Cloth.


PS: This set does not contain carbon cloth (inflammable) due to transportation safety. The cotton cloth can be made into carbon cloth by being put into the tinplate box for carbonization.


Fire Piston

length : 5" (128 mm)
Diameter: 0.68" (17.2 mm)
Weight : 5.2 oz(147g) 

Please allow 1-2 mm difference due to manual measurement

Item overall weight:270g