Hand Braided Necklace

PSKOOK Duck Call Lanyard

12 Adjustable Loops

Easy-to-use slip knots

Paracord Lanyard

● Paracord Duck Call Lanyard: 12 Adjustable Loops, enough to hold several calls and your whistle
● Hand braided using 60 feet of strength paracord, wide 0.8", comfortable for wearing, easy to clean
● Necklace Length: 90cm(35.4"), large size easily fits around any neck
Best for Predator/ Hunter's as Goose, Pheasant, Waterfowl, Mallard, Teal or Duck Calls

PS: Calls in the picture are not included.

For Hunting Predator Ducks 

HAND MADE with HIGH QUALITY---made of 60 feet paracord